Wednesday, 15 September 2010

double penury

these 60*60cm printed photos where found under my bed while trying to assort my room before I leave malta.
they were done in 2004 with my first ever digital camera, which I bought byworking in a white goods shop for a Lira per hour. I forgot how much I bought this camera for, which 3 yrs later was stolen from me at Junior collage. I remember but that I had to work for 40 hours to print these pictures because I was convinced that they were going to be exhibited somewhere.
These pictures were done without using any editing programs since I couldn't use any and also because I preached that Virgin photos look better (as an excuse of my inability to edit).
So the contrast and colours you see where done by putting a picture taken outside or inside into the pc. View it, take an other picture of the image on the TFT tilted and put it back on pc.
Original digital photos where unfortunately lost.
these are the only copies left. and are happy to find a new home.

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